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Glad to introduce myself to you! I’m a leadership coach and a HR-consultant, interested in developing teams and helping people to find their potential.  I’m an experienced and business-minded leader myself, therefore it has been very convenient to co-operate with executive groups and different teams. I get highly motivated when I can see that my contribution really has a positive effect on people.

I have academic degrees and continuously develop myself. I also have a passion for mindfulness and enneagram. As an independent consultant I plan, implement and follow-up my projects with clients and can proudly say that I have found my area of business. Even though I write my blog in mainly in Finnish, you can find my twitter posts in English as well as my LinkedIn-profile. Links to those sites are located in the header of this page.


I have been involved with leadership and organizational development throughout my working life. My passion is to develop people – help them to find their best potential and guide them into their best performance. My career have included various leadership positions – over 15 years by now.

I am a Certified Business Coach (ACC) bringing my rich experience and mindfulness into action. Coaching is very effective way to find out your potential, improve your leadership and I’m glad I can support leaders on their development path.


I’m specialized in mindfulness at work and self-management in changing work life. With enneagram and Belbin team role tools, I support teams to find their potential and develop into new levels.


Would you like to boost your message to your audience? Visual sketchnotes make your message visual with one picture or animation if you wish. I do sketchnotes with an IPad as well as paper & pen to the white boards. In future I want to do more of visual notes and graphic regording. Examples of the illustrations I have made can be found at

Nina Karlsson coaching enneagram graphic regording sketchnotes belbinEDUCATION

Master of Economics, University of Jyväskylä, Majoring in Entrepreneurship
Bachelor of Science, Art Education, University of Jyväskylä,
Bachelor of Science, Hotel and Restaurant Management, Haaga Institute

Certified Business Coach CBC
Associate Certified Coach ACC

Accredited Belbin Team Role -facilitator

belbin coaching sertification finlandACC_WEB

Contact information in the header of this page!

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